To the west (of Poland), country borders do not practically exist. One can freely travel. Western border bollards are relics of the past, being almost an abstract concept to my generation. To the east, the borders change into real and hard to overcome. Here, placed in the middle of nowhere the bollard is a real physical barrier, artificially created throughout the history and political decisions. What is mostly associated with the East, its unrestricted space—becomes disordered. What remains on the both sides of the border are memories and passing of time. I intended to depict the paradox of such a division. The vivid colors fall into national colors of the states inhabitating the border area. Their dynamics mark out the unlimited territory of the East together with its clarity. What about the border bollard? It remains standing. Rigid and untouched, it seems incongruent to the territory. Does it provide unity? Or does it discriminate? Can it do both at the same time?
"Borderland", 2014, acrylic on canvas, 260 x 190 cm
Installation view "OUTDOOR WITH MILOSZ", Headquarters of the Polish National Bank PKO BP, Warsaw, Poland, 2014

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