My work up to date has been largely centred around abstract and semi-figurative paintings; its main focus being the layering of colour, shapes and textures. The creative process, based on spontaneity of themes and ideas arising from both the subconscious as well as physical surroundings, leads to a creation of shapes, forms and colours which reflect the reality, taking on a Kafkaesque quality to them. I aim to provoke the spectator to perceive things differently, to investigate the unexplored. Unpredictable thoughts and associations find their way on the canvas, forming new, unplanned sequences of works. This creative process gives a unique opportunity to question one’s own observations, perceptions and assumptions.

Philippe Rebosz
born 1989
Lives and works in Berlin and Warsaw 

2011 - 2013 Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, PL | MA under Professor Leon Tarasewicz at the Faculty of Media Art        2009 - 2011 Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, PL | BA under Professor Leon Tarasewicz at the Faculty of Media Art         
2008 - 2009 Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, PL | Faculty of Painting


Solo shows
2018 “KAFKAESK” // Wizytujaca Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2015 “Beyond Control” // Gallery Carol53, Bucharest, Romania

Group exhibition
2017 “ABS_2067” // Salon Akademii Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2017 “Beautiful trash” // Gallery FF, Lodz, Poland
2014 “Outdoor with Miłosz” // Headquarters of the Polish National Bank PKO BP, Warsaw, Poland
2013 “Notation of Catharsis” // Spokojna 15 Gallery, Warsaw, Poland // MA Media Art
2013 “Tension decompressed” // Modern Art Gallery GaGa, Warsaw, Poland
2013 “The looks!” // Gallery Nowa Przestrzeń AHE ART, Lodz, Poland
2013 “Maze of consumerism” // Spokojna 15 Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2011 “OWOW XIII” – “Common Area/Private Area”, Prague, Czech // Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space               National Gallery

Works in collection
Art Collection BANK PKO BP, Warsaw, Poland

2017 Winner of the scholarship of The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
2016 Co-organizer of the workshops run in the prison in Siedlce
2011-2017 Three times recipient of Scholarship of ZAIKS — Polish Society of Authors and Composers 
2014 “Outdoor with Milosz” // Outdoor realized by Leon Tarasewicz and Polish Bank PKO BP, Sejny, Poland
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